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Retain the Next Generation of Workers

All companies are trying to figure out how to attract and retain the next generation of workers. Right now, that next generation is in college – a place izzy+ has spent a lot of time lately, researching the future of teaching and learning.

One trend is that the traditional classroom is becoming less and less important. Half of all learning at colleges and universities is not even happening in the classroom – students are relying on technology and leveraging fellow students.

What it boils down to is that education is becoming increasingly collaborative. The workplace ultimately is, too.

Partnering together, RJE and izzy+ are big fans of coming together and sharing ideas. Since izzy+ started in 2001, they have been working to create spaces that support and inspire being Better Together. izzy+ believes all environments – all types of spaces in different markets – need to be built around supporting and encouraging collaboration.

Interior Offices

So how can the idea of collaboration be articulated in a space? What will the new work and learning environments look like? izzy+ is putting energy, passion, and research into answering those questions through Nemo. Come visit their Chicago showrooms to see what they are working on and share your thoughts. They’d love to hear what you think or...contact us directly and we will arrange for everyone to meet.

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