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Architectural Wall Solutions


Agility...Ever used that word to describe walls? Or something called DIRTT? Well, now it fits, because DIRTT represents a new way to create spaces. It's Doing It Right This Time, a completely customizable, sustainable, architectural wall solution that's easy to change as your workplace changes.

Because how can you do it right if you charge customers for parts they don't need? How can you do it right if you waste precious resources in manufacturing or installation? How can you do it right if the product doesn't endure and adapt? How can you do it right if only limited furniture or technology options fit? How can you do it right if you compromise?

DIRTT Environmental Solutions, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, set out to create an experience that informs, empowers, and inspires. As an authorized dealer in Ohio and Indiana‚Äôs only authorized dealer, we'll sit down next to you with DIRTT's ICE® specification software to explore your pretty much unlimited design choices and compare prices to conventional options. You'll get precisely manufactured, moveable wall solutions that fit your aesthetic and functional needs—even if it's never been done before. And you'll still get rapid construction with less waste and fewer hassles.


We think that's how you do it right. Just contact us for help in building your office dreams.

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