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What would make your life easier at work? Wouldn’t it be nice to have just one person to call when you have a gash in your board room table? When you have to move office furniture so carpets can be cleaned? What would help you solve annoying issues? Wouldn’t it be nice to have that broken drawer fixed? The one you’ve been slamming shut for two months? What about those sad-looking chairs in your waiting room? Isn’t it time you finally had them re-upholstered? That’s why Renew by RJE exists... to make life easier and eliminate headaches.

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We make sure that our installers talk right, look right and smell right. Our installers' job is to do whatever it takes so you feel like breaking into a happy dance as you get down to work.


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Ready to rearrange for better efficiency and productivity? Adding space for someone new? Don't strain yourself moving heavy furniture. We'll help you plan and move your new space.


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Reutilization of Existing Panels/Refurbishing

Sometimes you don’t need to purchase all new pieces. We can work with the ones you have and make suggestions to supplement with new pieces if necessary or desired.


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Wood Repair/Refinishing

You’ve invested in wood furniture, but overtime it has taken a beating. Our wood specialists can help them look new again.

Wood Repair/Refinishing

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Upholstery Cleaning/Re-upholstery

Wear and tear, plus a coffee spill can break down the fibers of any fabric surface. Can't handle the snags and worn areas on your lobby sofa? Our experts can breathe new life into it.


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Electrostatic Painting

Filing cabinets chipped? Just ready for a change in color? This simple process can bring a whole new life to a stale-looking piece.

Electrostatic Painting

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