Our Green Story

In the 1970s, most furniture companies were focused on avocado green instead of being GREEN. Knoll was one of the first companies to design stylish furniture that was also safe for the planet, and their commitment to sustainability helped set the industry standards. Today, we work with a whole host of manufacturers who scorn avocado green, but love to produce furniture that's kind and gentle to the environment.

Meeting your Green Goals: Whether you're working toward LEED certification, looking for products that meet SMaRT requirements or FSC wood standards, or just want an affordable, environmentally sustainable office, we know the furniture that can help. Allow us to introduce you.

Recycling Furniture: We work hard to keep furniture and landfills far apart. Most office furniture can be broken down and reused through programs like Knoll's Full Circle resource recovery program. So if you're ready to retire parts of your office, we're happy to handle recycling for you.

Protecting Resources: We're pretty fond of natural resources, so in our building, we chose green products like sustainable carpet and energy-efficient lighting. But those lights are just a back-up system; we incorporated large windows and an open floor plan with low horizons to naturally light our office and conserve energy. We use real coffee cups, plates, and silverware to reduce waste. We recycle glass, aluminum, plastic, paper, cardboard, and metal. And we're always looking for new ways to help our good friend, the Earth.

For help in meeting your (not avocado) green goals, drop us an note or give us a call:
317.293.4051 (Indianapolis)
260.702.3030 (Fort Wayne)
513.641.3700 (Cincinnati)